Art with Heart: Special Valentine's Day Selections

Victor C. Anderson
A Courting Couple
Tom Barnett
Venice Bridge, 1922
Leon de Meutter Brunin
Elegant Couple
L. Alvarez Catala
The Gentleman Suitor
Marc Chagall
Clown and Nude
Marc Chagall
Head of a Girl, Head of a Goat and Tree
Fred Conway
Abstract Golfer
Fred Conway
Golfers on the Course
Fred Conway
Michel Delacroix
En Famille
Jean Baptiste Delarue
Confiserie de l'Eglise
Jean Dufy
Les Cavaliers dans le Parc
Raoul Dufy
Morning Glories
Jean Dufy
View of Paris
Delphin Enjolras
In the Boudoir
Francois Gerome
Rue De La Paix, Paris
Francois Gerome
The White Dress
Paul Harney
One Brown and Three White Chickens, 1909
Ginny Herzog
David Hockney
Paris Review Poster, 1981
Louis Icart
Casanova, 1928
Louis Icart
Don Juan, 1928
Dong Kingman
Paris Scene with Eiffel Tower
Kpm, Germany
Portrait of a Longhaired Beauty
Mermaid Ringholder
Perfume Bottle with Nymph Motif
Fernand Leger
A. Lorenzo
Lovers at the Steps of a Lagoon
Aristide Maillol
Torse Du Femme
Peter Max
Henry Moore
Reclining Figure, Dawn, 1978
Sheppard Morose
Still Life
S. Noison
Reclining Figure, 1978
Joseph Orr
Summer Rose
Joan Parker
Heart Shaped World
Joan Parker
Red Lives
John Frederick Peto
A Gentleman's Pleasure
Pablo Picasso
Lozenge with Dancer and Hind, 1971
Pablo Picasso
Jacqueline, 1958
H. Claude Pissarro
Katia En Rose Au Jardin
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Chapeau Epringle
Norman Percevel Rockwell
Henry Alexis Schaeffer
View of Versailles
Irek Szelag
Saint Louis Skyline
Irek Szelag
Santa Maria Della Salute, Venice
Henri Toulouse-Lautrec
Ernest Tino Trova
Playboy Bunny, 1989
Valentine Vogel
Still Life of Orange and Pink Roses
Tom Wesselman
Blonde Vivienne Plate, 1985-1986