John Baldessari
Studio, 1988
Will Barnet
The Dream, 2002
Leonard Baskin
Portrait, 1983
Peter Bazel
Urban Composition
Cecil Crosley Bell
Blind Peanut Vendor, 1958
Thomas Hart Benton
Island Hay, 1945
Charles Bragg
Doyle the Mohel
Christopher Brown
Against Order, 1993
Antonio Corrubia
Rural Scene
Charles Harold Davis
Gray Brothers
Frannie Dressel
The Outcast
Lloyd Foltz
House at Silverton
Helen Frankenthaler
Divertimento, 1983
Leon Schulman Gaspard
San Geronimo Days
Gustav Goetsch
Minnesota River, 1916
Hugh Kepets
Met Gates II
Sydney Mortimer Laurence
Mountain Landscape
John Lautermilch
Still Life with Pistol, 1961
Doris Lee
Vineyard Scene
Peter Max
Andy Warhol with Moustache, 1988
Joseph Rusling Meeker
Swamp Scene
(After) Andrew Melrose
Yosemite Valley
Leroy Neiman
Bjorg-Connor, 1977
Leroy Neiman
Bjorn Borg
Leroy Neiman
Hammer Gallery Poster, 1974
Leroy Neiman
Leonard Slatkin
Frank B Nuderscher
Church in Arcadia
Frank B Nuderscher
Grand Tetons
Frank B Nuderscher
Ozark Stream
Frank B Nuderscher
Slanting Meadows (Arcadia, MO)
Joseph Orr
River Waltz
Bridget Riley
Elapse, 1982
Norman Percevel Rockwell
Norman Percevel Rockwell
Barbershop Quartet
Norman Percevel Rockwell
Can't Wait, 1972
Norman Percevel Rockwell
Norman Percevel Rockwell
Norman Percevel Rockwell
Two Lady Janitors Seated Looking at a Playbill
Norman Percevel Rockwell
Bill Schenk
My Summer Vacation, 1984
Jack Wilkinson Smith
Nicki Starnie
John Stobart
Laclede's Landing
Donald Sultan
One of Diamond and Thirteen of Diamonds, 1990
Peter Takal
Trees in Landscape
Mark Tobey
Pensees Germinales, 1973
Jack Tworkov
T.L. #6, 1978
Jack Tworkov
T.L. #7, 1978
William Aiken Walker
Gentleman with Pipe and Hat with Left Hand in Pocket, Standing Next to Bale of Cotton His Right
William Aiken Walker
Woman with Pipe Holding Bale of Cotton on Her Head