19th Century European

L. Clarence Ball
The Country Gossips, 1885
Jules Bathieu
Shepherd with Flock
Luigi Bazzani
Decorating the Temple, 1887
Wilfrid Constant Beauquesne
Battle Scene in Winter
Frederick Bridgman
Nuns On a Terrace at St. Maurice
Leon de Meutter Brunin
Elegant Couple
Schearer C.H.
The Water Mill, 1889
A. Carrier
Leda and the Swan
A. Casanova
The Chocolate Party, 1878
L. Alvarez Catala
The Gentleman Suitor
Paul Cezanne
Portrait of Painter, A. Guillaumin au Pendu
Charles Clair
Cows in a Pasture
Percy R. Craft
Near Dorking, Surrey
Leon Danchin
Montague Dawson
Clipper Ship L. Hogue
Alex De Andreis
The Musketeer
Bernard De Hoog
Mother and Children
Cesare A. Detti
Violinist Playing in Shakespearean Dress
William Didier-Pouget
Brume Du Matin - Bruyeres En Fleurs, Vallee De La Dordogne
Jules Dupre
Le Vieux Chant (The Old Tree)
Catherine Caroline Engelhart
After the Bath
Delphin Enjolras
In the Boudoir
Jose Frappa
Hans Hamza
Gentleman in a Light Blue Waistcoat Reading in His Study
Hans Hamza
Woman in Orientalist Dress Reading a Book
Frank Hyde
Monks in the Kitchen
Lauritz Jensen
Two Sporting Dogs
Hermann Armin Kern
A Taste Before the Meal
Kpm, Germany
Portrait of a Longhaired Beauty
Kpm, Germany
Queen Louise
A. Lorenzo
Lovers at the Steps of a Lagoon
Colin Mackintosh
Bridge in Autumn
James Edwin Meadows
The Haywagon
Ernst Meisel
The Gift
Antonio Garcias Y Mencias
The New Hat
Pierre Jules Mene
Hunter and Hound
Pierre Jules Mene
Two Greyhounds at Play
Charles Alfred Meurer
Still Life of Musical Instruments, 1878
A.W. Meyer
The Reader
Jules Moigniez
Gustav Frederich Papperitz
A Grand Entrance
Pierre Pascale
Une Cafe More, Tunis, 1896
A. Piaita
Caesar Provoked
Giovanni Battista Piranesi
The Colosseum
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Chapeau Epringle
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Profile of Berthe Morisot (Stella, 4), 1892
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Woman with Tambourine III, 1984
William Trost Richards
Cliffs of St. Columb, Coast of Cornwall, 1878
Antonio Rivas
Arabian Charger Seller
Enrique Rumoroso
Spanish Dancer
G.J.V.D. Sande Bakuyzen
Basket of Flowers
Henry Schafer
Lyon Cathedral
Hendrik Jacobus Scholten
A Pleasing Scent
Emile Semenowsky
Cherry Blossoms
Emile Semenowsky
Emile Semenowsky
Clement Nye Swift
Breton Chores, 1870
Waclaw Bernard Szczeblewski
Mousse Siffleur
Auguste Toulmouche
A Lovely Reflection, 1874
Auguste Toulmouche
A Pleasant Scent
Henri Toulouse-Lautrec
George Stanfield Walters
Sunset On the Midway
Eugenio Eduardo Zampighi
First Steps
Felix Ziem
View of Venice