Willi Bauer


Willi Bauer (German b. 1923)

Willi Bauer was born on July 7, 1923 in a small village in Germany.  He studied under Prof. Roth in Berlin and Prof. Dellaville in Frankfurt.  The fresh, impressionistic style of his paintings won him widespread recognition throughout the art world.  His paintings can be found in many private collections in Europe and America.  His great range of subject matter he paints so well is certainly the mark of a true artist.  No artist of today has been able to capture the same vibrancy; the same outreaching surge of emotion.  His ability to take a common subject, filter it through his artistic eye, romance it with his dynamic use of color and his keen sense of perspective and composition – this ability lifts Willi Bauer to the unquestioned position of one of the finest living artists.