Tanasko Milovich



Tanasko Milovich (American b. 1900)

Tanasko Milovich was born Fojnica, Hercegovina, Yogoslavia on January 27, 1900

Came to St. Louis in 1914.

Studied at Washington University School of Fine Arts, 1921-1926. 1926:
Received first of 23 awards from St. Louis Artists' Guild.

1927-1928 studied in Paris at Academie Collarossi and Academie Moderne with Jean Marchand.

1928 Honored at Paris Spring Salon for design, in batik.

1929 Returned to St. Louis to teach batik at Washington University and exhibit in major museums and galleries.

1943 married artist and educator, Catherine Estelle Ehrmann. Appointed to full-time position at Washington University School of Fine Arts.

1948 Son, Jefto Tanasko Milovich, is born.

1950 appointed by Mayor Darst to St. Louis Art Commission.

1956-1957 Sabbatical leave from Washington University to travel in native country of Yugoslavia. Work widely exhibited and seven pieces purchased by National Gallery of Bosnia-Hercegovina at Sarajevo.

1957 Returned to teaching at Washington University.

Died October 25, 1964 in St. Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis, Missouri was home to Tanasko Milovich for a half-century. For 21 years he was one of the distinguished artist-teachers to serve on the faculty of Washington University School of Fine Arts. He was a member of the St. Louis Art Commission and a lifetime member of the St. Louis Artists' Guild, Group Fifteen, and the Society of Independent Artists.

His artistic gifts were generously given to both school and community.