Robert Meyers


Robert Meyers (American 1919-1970)

Robert Meyers, painter and illustrator, was born in New York City in 1919.  His illustrations appeared in the following publications: The Winning Dive, 1950; The Base Stealer, 1951; The Mysterious Caboose,1950; The Haunted Hut, 1950; Jockie, 1951; True, Argosy, The Saturday Evening Post, and Reader's Digest.

His paintings often depicted western landscapes.

While working on his Cody, Wyoming ranch, Meyers was murdered by an unknown sniper.

National Academy of Design with Ivan Olinsky; Grand Central Art School; Traphagen School of Fashion

CAA; Grand Central Art Gallery

Society of Illustrators, 1955-56 (solo); Gal. 85, Billings, MT, 1969; Golden Eagle Gal. Western Art, Cody, 1969 (solo).

Awards: prize, one of the 100 best posters for 1955, Art Director's Club, Chicago, 1955