Paul Mann, American

(b. 1955)

Paul Mann is an artist who grew up loving the old West and continues his love of this time period by devoting himself to bringing the authentic wild west to his canvases.

Mann has always been interested in art. Even as a young boy he knew that he loved creating pictures. Coming from a family that valued art, he found acceptance and support for his work. His father was a photojournalist and painted as a hobby, and his older brother is also an artist.

As a high-school student, Mann gained recognition when he was presented the Award of Merit from the Society of Illustrators Show in New York City. Additionally, he was a participant in a summer workshop at Utah State University working with some of the top illustrators of the time.

After attending Utah State University and serving a two year mission, he was faced with a difficult choice: return to Utah State to complete his degree or accept a job offer in the field of illustration. Mann chose to follow his avid interest in illustration.

He says, “I love the Golden Age of Illustration, especially art produced during the 50’s and the 60’s. I have always felt the caliber of art and artist during this time period were the best in illustration such as artists like Tom Lovell, Frank McCarthy, Howard Terpning and Robert McGinnis. I studied their techniques and learned everything I could from them.”

Although he was engaged primarily in illustration field, he did show western paintings in several galleries where he gained a reputation for his art. In addition to doing extensive research into Indian life and lifestyles, Mann collected costumes and handmade clothing, adornments and implements. He worked from life with models that he discovered.